Cutfinger on the lake

The Watercraft

Photo K. Gordon

This is a new concept for boat and watercraft propulsion. It will revolutionize boat design forever by allowing watercraft to sustain high speeds while slicing through sea swells - not over them. The new design was recently awarded a U.S. patent and International patent for the overall design, as well as detailed systems that the watercraft will employ. It is designed with a cabin that will hold a minimum of 4 adults and with different configurations could hold up to 12.

The concept of the design is simple. To give you an idea of how it works, think of a soda bottle filled halfway floating in the water. It would give the watercraft a low profile as it floats in the water. That plus being inspired by how Tuna fish swim through the water is how the basic concept works.

The watercraft prototype is 58 feet long. This allows the bottom of the hull to be submerged constantly at some contact point in a wave swell. The propulsion system is designed to have a constant flow of water to prevent cavitation from occurring. Portions of the watercraft that are in contact with the sea swells will allow water to flow in and it shuts off the flow when the hull is not in contact with water. A constant flow of water channeled through the hull is the key to allowing the watercraft to sustain high speeds without "throttling" the engine as traditional boats are required to do.

This concept uses a radical shift from the standard types of propulsion. We are  using a new patented type of propulsion that will increase hull speed. Engineers have projected the watercraft may be able to sustain 100 mph in sea swells of 20 feet or higher.

In testing done with models, it has been discovered that the hull design is extremely efficient. This has shown that the watercraft requires less propulsion than a normal boat because it has so much less drag. The distance it travels from a small amount of  inertia is incredible.

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